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Graham Roberts is the Digital Design Lead at Google Brand Studio Experiences team, where he is focused on solving brand challenges through digital innovation and excellence.

Before coming to Google, Graham was a journalist and editor at The New York Times. His most recent role there was Director of Immersive Storytelling, focusing on augmented and virtual reality projects, as well as R&D into applications for 3D and realTime graphics approaches for the web.

Graham’s career at the Times tracked the rise and impact of digital platforms on how news is presented and disseminated, especially in terms of mobile. His work explored how integrated media approaches, and the adoption of emerging technologies could enhance the report.

Projects were wide ranging including Snowfall, a Pulitzer Prize winning early exploration of visually rich digital storytelling, motion capture applications in the arts and sports, culture stories like “Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo Make a Hit, data visualization projects, 360 video, and camera-based graphics.

In his role as director of immersive storytelling, he co-directed editorial for the Times’ 360 video app, NYTVR, a collaboration with Google using Google Cardboard to introduce many to their first experience of virtual reality, while transporting users to engage with important stories around Antarctica, Pluto, Danikil Ethiopia, Fallujah, and many more.

In 2017/18 he lead efforts across iOS and Android product teams to bring AR based storytelling to the core NYT news app, publishing dozens of AR enabled articles that helped define the value proposition for this technology as a way to enhance a wide range of stories across the Times from breaking news, to sports, to culture and science.

A born-and-raised New Yorker, Graham is nevertheless loving the Bay Area after relocating in 2019, and lives in Berkeley with his wife Jessica, son Roman, and bulldog Ralphie.

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e: grahaphics@gmail.com

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